The other 5P’s, your “marketing mix”

pexels-photo-266176.jpegProbably you have heard the phrase “Proper Planning Prevents (Piss) Poor Performance”.

In the marketing world we talk about another 5 P’s, that make up the marketing mix. Understanding these at a conscious level can really help when it comes to thinking about your advertising, where to put your effort and of course your website.

So here they are:

  • Product – That is the product or service you offer (try to be as specific as possible)
  • Place –  Where are you or your services based, its it a central or mobile location serving an area.
  • Price – What is the pricing for what you offer? And more importantly how does it relate to your competitors. Are you going to be competing solely on price is a good question to ask yourself
  • People – Who are the people you are offering your products and services to? Who is in your business, their skills are critically  important to your business
  • Promotion – How do you promote your business? from word of mouth, to passive advertising on a vehicle, advertisements and of course a website  too 😉

Understanding your P’s can help understand the positioning of your business right now as well as help to target where you want to be tomorrow. Having a strong sense of your P’s is an essential ingredient in any website design as it feeds into branding, messaging and even how you answer your phone.


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