Data Security is in the news…again

Mark Zuckerberg has recently fronted a senate comitee in the US to explain the use of personalised data by a third party organisation. While probably this is more of a direct concern to personal users than businesses, it certainly highlights the important of data security and who your sharing it with. Users of dropbox, google drive and iCloud should be aware their data is subject to an EULA licence agreements. There are often differences between the free and paid plans too.

Dial forward to a week or two and state sponsored cyber terrosism of Australian sites is reported. If your business depends on the cloud (and probably it does) then this is realy big news.

Some simple steps are to :
1. Backups everywhere. Ensure your have local off line backups and make sure its a bit more sophisticated than to thumb drives when you remember
2. The weakest link.You data security is only as strong as your weakest password. Get all your staff to review their passwords.
3. Contain the breach. Ensure that you are not using the same password across multiple sites.


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