SABEL-danny-rnd“Hi there, Its been a privledge to work for many organisations over the years and to add real value to their activities through innovation, R&D and consulting activities. Here are some of the successes I have been able to contribute to. I am pleased to offer similar services through SABEL Consult. “,  Daniel James



In supervising more that 20 higher degree students to doctorate, plus countless honors and masters programmes I’ve been able to add value not just through technical skills but working alongside others as they develop their research, planning and execution skills. Life coach …almost, but not quite.

SABEL-griffith-rndDeveloped a new field of investigation for this leading institution and created a reach into elite sports. This included building strategic alliances with industry, new degree programmes and internal stakeholders as well. Established a coherent theme across the engineering school with cross disciplinary links to health, business and the science. Boost the bottom line of research outputs too. (See SABEL Research with IMPACT campaign developed with the marketing department)

SABEL-swim-rndI established and led a research theme at the Queensland Academy of Sport to support developing Qld athletes, through access to new innovative technologies. After strategic examination of process I was able to improve operational efficiency through the adoption and customisation of standard tools. It proved so successful more than 15 institutions started using them in their own sports research.


sabel-product-200pxUsing technology to transform sport has lead to boosting Australia competitive advantage in sport by athletes get on podiums. Outcomes included  developing products used by many elite sports organisations in Australia One of which went on to be the start of Catapult Sport’s main product, that has gone on to change the way sport is played around the world.

SABEL-cricket-rndInternational cricket had a desperate need in the sport to address bowling controversy. With the ICC and CA I took a concept from ideation, through validation (including an under 19 world cup) to production prototyping. The project scope also included the international political drivers including player, referee and governing bodies needs as well as the science. (See numerous articles in the press)

SABEL-enviro-rndIn the heart of the Australian drought I led a team taking a soil sensor concept through field testing in the Yarra valley vineyards (yum) to commercial nurseries and eventually pivoting to a product for smart agriculture. The partner was Motorola Australia, the product was spun out to a company and you can buy it in Bunnings.

SABEL-jaybird-reign-rndIt was a delight to be a part of taking growing technology company Jaybird into the wearable technology space. Working with hardware, software, design teams across three continents to produce a wearable better than the market leader of the day (Fitbit). The company was recently acquired by Logitech… (read the news and listen to Judd, the founders view)


SABEL_ASTN-rndSABEL-ISEA-rndAs a founding board member of a new professional organisation ASTN I was able to establish a strong regional presence in Qld to enhance its reach as a national body and build local engagement. Developed a programme of events across the government, industry and research sectors. I also spent nearly a decade with the ISEA international professional organisation in various executive roles focusing on developing processes, member outcomes and growing of membership.


The Antarctic, ok this is a vanity photo and mainly about self management. I’ve spent a lot of time working in remote environments including glaciology and geophysics where I learned the value of team work, planning and risk management! These kinds of skills have come in handy across many sectors, including a brief sojourn into the investment banking world of London. A diversity of experience, with people from all backgrounds has really enabled me as a cut through communicator less worried about the jargon and more about delivering results and working with all comers to get real results.


An ongoing role with Charles Darwin university and  project working with remote schools and indigenous communities has led to the development of STEMfit. STEMfit harnesses childrens intrest in technology and play to creat their own unique datasets which they then analyse to devlop STEM skills.

iEnvironmental Australia : Exited to be a part of this growth stage environment consultancy as it expands down the eastern sea board. Developing and harnessing an innovative culture whilst caring for the environment and clients is living the triple bottom line dream.